Monique Bégin on patriarchy and women’s equality, November 2017

Monique Bégin received a lifetime parliamentary achievement award. Her acceptance remarks were about patriarchy and women's equality
Former Liberal cabinet minister Monique Bégin, circa 1970s

Maclean’s magazine hosted its annual Parliamentarians of the Year Award in Ottawa early in November 2017. The magazine presented a lifetime achievement award to Monique Bégin, who served as an influential cabinet minister in Pierre Trudeau’s governments, most notably as the minister of health and welfare. After leaving politics in 1984, Bégin pursued an academic career, including 11 years at the University of Ottawa. In her acceptance speech, she talked about male power and women’s equality in the context of numerous allegations about sexual assault and harassment in the entertainment and news industries and in politics. A significant portion of Bégin’s remarks follow here.  The full text of her address is available on the Maclean’s site.

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